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An electronic debit platform that's proven, 100% digital, and as easy as issuing a card.

Want to see Quisk in action?

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So much more than a wallet.

Quisk is not another app-based payment system. By digitizing cash in a way that is accessible for current account holders and new unbanked customers, we offer our partners flexibility and functionality you can't find in a smartphone app or a plastic card.

Add New Account Holders and Revenue

  • No artificial barrier to entry for consumers.
  • Multiple funding sources: Checking, Savings, and Credit.

Strengthen Brand and Customer Relationships

  • Generate new revenue from new transaction types.
  • A single, comprehensive payment type for all major payment touch points.

Leverage Your Existing Infrastructure

  • No new capital investments. No software integrations. Ever.
  • Nothing is installed in a data center or on your internal systems.
  • Connections between the core banking platform and acquirer terminal network completed via tokenized requests.

Frequent Questions


How do we manage these accounts?

Quisk is a completely new and comprehensive payment ecosystem for your account holders that facilitates transactions, settlement, merchant functions, and reporting in an automated way. Unlike card-based products requiring multiple hops between the merchant and card network, both merchant and consumer interactions are all represented and managed within the Quisk Payment System. We provide each financial institution access to a hierarchical portal to manage accounts, customer service, reporting, and settlement We also provide APIs so you can add Quisk to any existing applications or website and allow your customers to self-manage every aspect of their Quisk account, including PIN reset and phone number changes, transaction history checks, and notification preference updates.


What is required to set up Quisk?

Our team will work with you to connect the cloud-based Quisk platform to your core banking system for account funding. Quisk, or one of our local partners, will provide training to your team on the complete Quisk Payment System, including onboarding and managing customers, reporting and settlement. Finally, our easy-to-use web-based portals are permission based and fully customizable, and a member of our experienced team will work with you to appropriately manage access between your IT staff, CSRs, managers, or external service providers.


Can customers use Quisk online, or do they do so through our bank's mobile app?

Our free reference apps for iOS and Android allow account holders to access their account from anywhere and can be implemented immediately, without lengthy design, development, or testing costs. For on-line access, Quisk provides your IT team with APIs so that Quisk is integrated directly into your existing website.


We contract out elements of our system offsite. Is this a problem?

We recommend but do not require core banking integration to allow for the free movement of money within issued Quisk accounts. We will work with you and your service provider(s) to design and implement an integration plan that is right for you.


How does settlement work?

We settle all Quisk transactions daily at 23:59 UTC, with processes and times established by a local settlement bank. In addition, Quisk generates settlement reports for both issuers and acquirers with all the information needed to reconcile those transactions, available two hours after close and accessible via our online portal. We can also deliver these reports directly to you via secure FTP.


What POS system does Quisk offer integrations for?

Quisk is driven by service-oriented APIs and can integrate to any hardware or system. These APIs are freely available clients integrating Quisk into their system wide network, and include all aspects of platform functionality, including sales, voids, refunds, and rewards. We also offer an mPOS Application whereby any merchant can turn their phone or tablet into a mobile POS terminal for accepting Quisk.


How does Quisk compare to offering debit cards?

Quisk's all-digital accounts are issued and function just like debit cards, with several Important benefits to banks, merchants, and customers. Quisk creates individual accounts in a bank that a consumer accesses via their mobile phone number and a PIN, without cards to be lost, stolen, or compromised. Merchants see benefits in reduced risk and chargeback penalties, as all Quisk payment approvals occur in real time within the Quisk ecosystem. Finally, customers with Quisk accounts can make traditional on-line and in-store purchases, while also sending money and paying bills right from their phone. If a PIN is forgotten or compromised, the account does not need to be closed and the PIN can be re-set in minutes without waiting for a new card to arrive in the mail.


What KYC processes are in place?

Quisk makes it possible to meet local KYC requirements by enabling banks to create a registration process that is both the right fit for you and your customers and is in compliance with all local regulations.


How do you protect customer accounts from fraud or theft?

Our PIN based digital platform leverages both the accessibility and ubiquity of mobile devices and a suite of best-in-class security features including an algorithm guiding daily transaction limits, free balance checks and instant SMS, email and/or in app notifications on all account activity. Quisk puts additional security features in the hands of your customers: Customers can lock or freeze their Quisk account at any time and can use our automated 'confirm' feature to automatically lock their account after each purchase. Reach out to us for answers to specific questions about security or to find out more.


We already have a banking app in the market -- How does Quisk match up?

We provide clients with a full set of API's to support you and your developer team in any Quisk integration. API documentation is straightforward and easy to follow, so if you currently have a banking app in an app store it is easy to add Quisk functionality in an upcoming release and communicate that change to your customers without effecting existing cash or card users.


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