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Accept payments from anyone with a mobile phone.

How It Works

Quisk is a quicker, easier, and more affordable way for merchants to accept payments. Here’s how it works:

First, we help banks and exchange houses convert any mobile number into a new, digital cash account, so your customers will be able to make payments with or without a phone, from any enabled POS.

Next, our team remotely activates your terminals so that you can start accepting Quisk. At purchase, customers will simply select the ‘Quisk’ option on the POS display and enter their mobile phone number and a secure PIN. Text SMS receipts are instantly sent to confirm payment.

That’s it! There are no hidden fees or chargebacks and transactions are completed in real time, all backed by a local bank.

Accepting Quisk is Easy.

Contact your banker to activate Quisk on your existing terminals and give customers a new, low cost way to pay.

Utilize what you have.
Embrace what is new.

  • 1

    Boost your sales and security

  • 2

    Reduce the risks to your business of pilfering and theft

  • 3

    Give your customers greater spending power

  • 4

    All transactions conducted in your local currency

  • 5

    Deliver customer perks and loyalty programs

  • 6

    Attract and retain more customers

Don't give your customers
what they expect.

Give them something extraordinary.

Key Features

Quisk integrates with the Point-of-Sale system you use today so you can offer customers a new way to pay. Without the risks of theft. Without the cost of chargebacks. With lower cost-per-transaction than any card.

Use Existing Equipment

With a Quisk activation, any customer with a mobile phone can conveniently make a POS purchase simply by entering their phone number and a secure PIN of their choosing on your existing terminals.

Lower Transaction Costs

Quisk transaction fees are lower than those you are currently paying for cards. No costly new equipment needed and only limited employee training required.

Increase Security

Quisk is PCI 3.1 compliant, no sensitive customer data is stored on your systems. Text and in-app alerts and notifications create a simple and easy user experience that will delight your customers.

Improve Customer Engagement

With Quisk, customers are no longer anonymous to you. Our integrated rewards and loyalty programs give businesses of every size the opportunity to quickly tailor customizable and branded campaigns that will attract and retain new and repeat customers.


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