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If you can remember your mobile number, you can save, spend, and manage money with Quisk.

Register at your bank for a free account, then download the Quisk app.

Your phone number is now your account number.

Take your money with you, without carrying coins or cash.

Secure payments with PIN and text confirmation.

Even if you lose your phone, the money in your Quisk account is 100% safe.

Any Phone. Any Network. Anytime.

Send and receive money, make purchases, or check your balance from anywhere, on any device.

A better way to pay.

Quisk doesn't use minutes or require internet, and you don't need a bank account to start.

Register for free at a bank of your choice and start using Quisk today.

  • 1

    Instant transactions

  • 2

    Skip waiting in bank lines

  • 3

    No internet access required

  • 4

    Instant text confirmations

  • 5

    No smartphone or apps necessary

  • 6

    100% free purchases, everywhere Quisk is accepted

  • 7

    Does not use or waste your minutes

  • 8

    Free and instant balance checks via text or online

  • 9

    Does not accrue interest or involve hidden fees

  • 10

    No plastic cards to carry, lose or steal

Discover a more secure payment system than cash or cards.

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